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Table of Contents provided on Richter Mandolin eBook page

Per reader request, I’ve posted the table of contents to Richter Mandolin on the ebook page.

Richter Mandolin ebook now available for Kindle at Amazon

Richter BookRichter Mandolin is now available at Amazon for the Kindle platform. As Amazon provides free standalone Kindle readers for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and other platforms, this version should hopefully satisfy those desiring a non-iPad or desktop-based version. It is available for immediate download: Buy at Amazon

Tab for the Grateful Dead’s Slipknot posted

Slipknot is a great fusion/Mahavishnu type tune on the Dead’s Blues for Allah.  Two or three years ago I posted a mandolin arrangement of it on YouTube.  I’ve had a few requests to post tab.  This is one that I don’t have the energy to invest in a true transcription.  What I’ve posted is a tab I’ve created based on my original notes for the tune.  The notes are not in time; therefore you’ll need to listen to the original recording or watch my video.  If anything, you have the barebones of the major motifs of the tune.

I’ve posted the tab on my Tablature page.

Here’s the aforementioned video:


Richter Mandolin iPad ebook now available in European and Australian iTunes Stores

Richter Book


Per the request of international mandolin enthusiasts, the Richter Mandolin iPad ebook is now available for European and Australian purchase through the iTunes Store.  The book, however, remains an English-only edition.

New YouTube Video: Everything But You: Bonham & Richter

Another video from the Redbud Tree House Concert.  This gem was written by Gordon Bonham and is on his new album, “Soon in the Morning” which is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and his website:  For you mandolinists interested in blues improvisation, I had never played this song w/ him before this evening.  You’ll notice in the first 12 bars, I didn’t have the backup riff that I slowly developed in the second set of 12 bars.  There’s one point you can see me hearing the open E against the low B and F (part of G7 chord).  This E creates a G7 13 chord, which I shamelessly exploit through the rest of the tune.  The solo was built around the G blues scale w/ mindfulness of the chords.  Go out and buy Gordon’s album! Warning, it’s all electric blues.

Video by Mark Sneegas

New YouTube Video: Can’t Find My Way Home: Bonham & Richter

This video demonstrates the love I have for Gordon Bonham.  I’ve jammed or performed w/ Gordon for around 20 years.  However, there is something quite outstanding w/ our acoustic duo that is evident on a night when we’re really “on.”  This concert, filmed at a Redbud Tree House Concert in Indianapolis January 2012, was such a night.  I recently received both video and audio copies of this concert and my butt has been kicked.  That night justifies why I still try to go out and play even though my time to do so is very limited.

This song is the classic Blind Faith (Steve Winwood/Eric Clapton) tune.  We’d been doing this for a few years when I heard a great version on a Ron Ickes (bluegrass dobroist) record w/ Joe Cravens on mandolin and Tim O’Brien on vocal.  God, the Joe Cravens mandolin on that recording boggles the mind.  The rhythmic emphasis I use I got from the Joe Cravens approach; the rest is just good old fashion rock/blues playing.

Video by Mark Sneegas

Richter Mandolin 2nd edition is now live!

After much work, the second edition of my iPad ebook, Richter Mandolin: Blues, Thoughts, and Junk is now available for download. The book has expanded to over 60 pages and is rife with audio and visual media.  Tablatures have all been cleaned up and tweeked as I’ve switched from TableEdit to Progression (on both the Mac and iPad).  It’s a beautiful program that produces lovely sheet music.  These tablatures are now interactive, allowing full screen viewing.  A new Glossary is available within text to define musical terms.

Richter Book

This revision is a free upgrade for purchasers of the original first edition!  For new purchasers, the price has risen to $9.99.  Also, the size has increased to over 350MB, so please download on a WiFi network.  Most video clips that aren’t essential to a particular lesson will stream from YouTube, decreasing the size of an even larger book.

Third Revision of the Jim Richter website

Hello all!  Revision 3 of my website is now live.  I have again decided to use WordPress, especially as it’s become much sleeker since I last used it.


Downloadable Tabs are back!

Storefront will soon work.

Mailing List/Newsletter sign-up is now functional!



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