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Help a brother through school: Purchase either Mandopoly or Blues today!

In my ongoing struggle (and I mean struggle) to put myself through a PhD program in counseling psychology, I again beseech mandolin lovers everywhere to consider the purchase of either or both of my recently released albums:  Mandopoly and Blues, both of the In-Tuition series of albums.  These albums represent many hours of songwriting, tune-crafting, genre-jumping, and sheer fun.  Covering nearly 20 years of my 30 years making music, these tunes–warts and all–cover various mandolin genres and approaches, as well as my joyful loudness as a blues and rock guitarist.

These are available through iTunes ($9.99 each, which comes with digital booklet) or Amazon ($8.99 each).  Hopefully, I will have a sampler of both albums available as a CD purchase.  Follow the links in the sidebars.

I appreciate the help.  With funding on the decrease and tuition on the rise, my “in-tuition” (get the joke, now?) has prompted me to use unique and entrepreneurial ways of raising tuition.



Due to last minute cancellations, two spots have opened for this July’s Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us.  Please contact Jim Richter at to reserve your spot.

More information on the camp at this website’s camp page.

Media Player for Mandopoly & Blues

NOTICE: Problem w/ tune “El Gallo Supremo” on Amazon–please redownload

I discovered yesterday that Amazon made a mistake in one of my tracks from the Mandopoly album.  Only 39 seconds of the tune El Gallo Supremo was available for download in the Amazon Store (all was fine at iTunes).  I’ve contacted Tunecore (my distributor) who has corrected the issue at Amazon.  I’d recommend that if you have the shorter incorrect version of El Gallo Supremo, please redownload from your Amazon Cloud.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

“In-Tuition: Blues” in Amazon’s top 100 for both Blues & Folk MP3 albums

In-Tuition: Blues album cover
Jim Richter’s In-Tuition: Blues is now in the top 100 lists for both Blues and Folk MP3 albums at Amazon.  It is currently #61 among Blues albums and #91 among Folk albums.  Thanks so much for pushing this album into these top 100 lists.  It makes my dream of doctoral studies much more of a reality.

You can buy this and it’s sister Mandopoly at iTunes and Amazon.

Buy at Amazon    Buy at iTunes

Mandolin ringtone available on iTunes: El Gallo Supremo — Jim Richter

In-Tuition: Mandopoly album cover

Now available on iTunes:  Ringtone for El Gallo Supremo!  Available only for iPhone through iTunes.  El Gallo Supremo is the Dawg/Gypsy Jazz cut from Jim Richter’s In-Tuition: Mandopoly.  Give your phone a high degree of hipness and mando-goodness.

To download the ringtone (for $1.29), you must access the iTunes store through your iPhone.

“In-Tuition: Mandopoly”–7 days in top 100 downloaded Blues albums at Amazon

In-Tuition: Mandopoly album cover

Thanks to everyone who has kept Mandopoly in the top 100 downloaded MP3 albums on Amazon!  7 days in the top 100!  This album, and it’s sister “In-Tuition: Blues,” are currently my lifeline to doctoral funding.  Thanks again for being willing to listen to very intimate part of who I am while concurrently realizing this old married father’s dream of pursuing a PhD.

Buy at Amazon    Buy at iTunes

“In-Tuition: Mandopoly” — 6 days in the Amazon Top 100 MP3 Blues Albums

In-Tuition: Mandopoly album cover

Amazon indicates that Jim Richter’s album In-Tuition: Mandopoly has spent almost a week (6 days) in the top 100 Blues MP3 Albums.

A collection of mostly original mandolin pieces, Mandopoly genre-jumps between Dawg, old-time, bluegrass, rock, Latin, and (naturally) blues.

Help push Mandopoly into the top 50!  Let’s show them mandolins can crash the blues party!

You can buy here:

Buy at Amazon    Buy at iTunes

As a reminder, all proceeds of album sales go to funding doctoral work in counseling psychology, focusing specifically on psychotherapeutic interventions for the creative community.


In-Tuition: Blues album coverThe bluesier of the two In-Tuition albums, Blues, is also available for download and is a top-class blues album comprised of 1/2 original tunes and an even split between my mandolin and electric-guitar playing.  It’s available for purchase here:

Buy at Amazon    Buy at iTunes


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