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Free: All Right Now — Arranging Classic Rock


Here’s the first part of a series of 70s guitar anthem rock tunes I’ll soon put up.  Everyone knows this tune by Free from the album Fire and Water.  No more formidable duo than Kossoff and Rodgers.  Clean stripped down blues based British classic rock that was the blueprint for everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd (who owed a lot to Free) to AC/DC.

Besides transcription of the tune for mandolin, I’ve also included another lesson on my process for moving a guitar classic to the mandolin.

Both of these are available on the tabs page.  Remember, $5 per year gets you full access to my tablature!

Freddie King “Heads Up” on Tablature Page

kingI’m sorry about how long I’ve been away.  Between a job promotion and helping a 17 year old go through the college application and scholarship process, I haven’t touched a mandolin much.

Here’s another installment in my blues series:  Freddie King’s “Heads Up”  I love this tune and it’s a jam favorite out in these parts.  I love King’s guitar playing and writing and have spent many hours learning King licks and studying his phrasing.  This is the head to the tune–afterwards, jam away using major pentatonic with some nice blue notes.

The Heads Up tablature is on the tablature page.  Remember, a yearly subscription to the tablature page is only $5 per year!


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