Castles Made of Sand (Jimi Hendrix) on Pono Octave Mandolin

It has been awhile!!  2016 was a year of doctoral-focused work.  I wrote an early thesis and took my qualifying exams (I passed, thank you very much).

Being a bit burned out by school and work, I’ve taken 2017 off from school, allowing me to focus on work, family, and especially music.  I couldn’t host my mandolin camp last year due school.  This year the camp is back on, and I’m already thinking of new things to arrange for mandolin.

Case in point.  One of my favorite Hendrix compositions–Castles Made of Sand.  I had tried working it up on the mandolin, but I kept hearing octave in my head.  This is played on a new Pono octave mandolin.  It has a Terz-size body (equivalent to a size 5 Martin–think 50’s era Marty Robbins).

Though I’ve been delinquent, I will start posting more music instruction.  However, for in-depth video instruction, I will contribute to Don Julin’s Mandolins Heal the World website:  Don has some interesting folks on there!



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