2020 Richter Mandolin Camp featuring Don Julin 9/23-26, 2020

Since 2011 I have hosted a mandolin camp for those individuals interested in the blues and unorthodox approaches to mandolin. This week we are having the 7th Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us Featuring Don Julin from Wednesday 9/23 to Saturday 9/26. It’ll be a most excellent time that will include much mandolin (obviously), great music from our guest Gordon Bonham, and many incredible bourbons and ryes including our sponsor New Riff Distillery from Newport KY. And again, we are being physically hosted by our great friends at the Grant Street Inn in Bloomington Indiana.

This camp intends to try to explore the “new normal.” The camp is very small this year by design, everyone will socially distance, and most importantly masks have to be worn. There will also be plenty of hand sanitizer. I know many of us have been heartbroken with the festivals, camps, concerts, etc. that have been canceled this year. This is an attempt for fellowship while also doing so smartly and safely.

Because of the reduction in size, the shifting around of the schedule, etc. I am selling hats to help offset some cost from this year’s camp. If interested in a hat, please consider purchasing one. Designed by me, this year’s design is meant to harken to the days of elaborate whiskey labels. Featuring the incomparable mandolins of Will Kimble, the design transferred incredibly well to the embroidery used on the hat. Hat’s will be $30 which will include shipping. I should have about two dozen to 30 available.

They are available in this website’s Storefront or you can email me at jim@jimrichter.com and do PayPal purchase.


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