ATTN: InTuition: Blues & Mandopoly–2 new albums to be released within next 2 weeks

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Within the next two weeks (most likely sooner than later), I will be concurrently releasing two solo ablums.  This album series, entitled “In-Tuition,” attempts to chronicle the various instruments, musical genres, and musicians I’ve explored my last 25 years as a musician. 

Additionally, In-Tuition was chosen as the title for two reasons: 1 ) to encapture the intuitive approach I take to music and 2) more importantly, to raise money for doctoral work in Counseling Psychology.  I have been accepted to the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Indiana University-Bloomington (6th best counseling psych program in the country).  My research focus (unsurprisingly) is exploration of the psychotherapeutic modalities and interventions most pertinent and beneficial to the creative community.  Tied in with this is also creative resistance and ambivalence (the old “writer’s block” or self-disparaging “I suck” comments).  I have been unsuccessful in finding doctoral funding and hope that the timely release of these albums pay for a year of doctoral work.  You, my dear friends and readers, can help put me through school with the purchase of my album(s). 

In-Tuition: Mandopoly is mandolin-centric, primarily showcasing my songwriting and unique mandolin style.  This album has 20 tunes with guest spots from Will Kimble, Tom Harold, Phil Richter, and my 12 year old son Gus.  I play octave mandolin, mandolin (of course), guitar, cello, and uke.  Tunes are mostly originals with covers of Lennon, Dylan, and Ian Anderson.

In-Tuition: Blues is obviously blues-centric with shades of blues-based rock.  Guesting on this album are Grammy-winner Mike Compton, Tom Harold, Deke Hager, Gordon Bonham, Bruce Lockwood, JJ Perry, American singer-songwriter Will Scott, Pembroke Moreland, Scott Kellogg, Joe Donnelly, and Bennett Williams.  I play electric guitar and mandolin on this album.  The album’s 19 tunes are split between originals, originals from Gordon Bonham, Pembroke Moreland, and Deke Hager, and covers of Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Amos Milburn, Sleepy John Estes, Yank Rachell, Leroy Carr. 

The albums will be digital download only through iTunes and Amazon.  Cost of each album is $9.99 w/ a 4 page booklet downloadable from iTunes with each album.  Yes, you heard this correct, for the low, low price of $20 you will get 39 of the best Jim Richter tunes available anywhere!


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