Thile’s Smoothie Song transcription/tab

After attending an amazing Nickel Creek reunion show in Indianapolis last week, I very seriously lamented no longer having my Kimble octave mandolin.  However, with a little pocket cash, I did go out and buy a usable bouzouki (until one of you nice people will donate a quality octave to me:) ) as Thile lit my ass to arrange for octave again (and to kick start my mandolin practice, as well).

Thus, I’ve spent the last couple days working on “Smoothie Song” from This Side (probably my favorite Nickel Creek album until the new one came out–isn’t Sean Watkin’s “21st of May” kick ass?).  As I have not provided any tabs in 9 months, I now submit my loose transcription of the head for “Smoothie Song.”  This, in my opinion, is probably the best rock mandolin tune, outside of several by Sam Bush (such as Stingray, Crooked Smile, etc.).

It’s a very accessible tune in the key of D with lots of opportunity for D blues riffs.  Measures, such as 39-41, are not rhythmically written out.  Listen to the recording for how Thile strums through there.

Available under the “Chris Thile” header on the Tablature page.


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