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Hello all

In the past two years of the current incarnation of the website, I have had 100,000 visits–80,000 of them unique users.  During that time I have had 100,000 visits to my tablature page.  This bandwidth usage is expensive.  Until now, I’ve operated according to a donation only “give as you see fit” philosophy.  However, in 2 years, of those 100,000 visits to my tablature page, I have only had a handful of donations (maybe 20?).

To continue my efforts to fund a doctoral education, as well as to fund continued growth and maintenance of this website, I have chosen to create an inexpensive subscription service.  Everything expect those items on the Tablature page and the Storefront remains free.  However, the Tablature of this website is available for $5 per year.  This is inexpensive enough for most people to pay it, is affordable given the number of unique tabs offered, and collectively helps meet my goals laid out earlier.  I have hesitated initiating a subscription service, but feel now is the time.

Those who subscribe will now be designated “Tab Supporters.”  A one year membership gives one unlimited access to the Tablature/Lessons page.  This entitles the subscriber to:

  • all available tabs
  • to monthly updates of the tab section
  • the ability to request tabs (honored when possible)
  • other premium content as content arises
  • and the knowledge that you’re incentivizing my transcription efforts, ensuring more regular updates, continued financial support of the site, and sponsorship of my creative efforts.

You can join here.


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