New YouTube Video: Can’t Find My Way Home: Bonham & Richter

This video demonstrates the love I have for Gordon Bonham.  I’ve jammed or performed w/ Gordon for around 20 years.  However, there is something quite outstanding w/ our acoustic duo that is evident on a night when we’re really “on.”  This concert, filmed at a Redbud Tree House Concert in Indianapolis January 2012, was such a night.  I recently received both video and audio copies of this concert and my butt has been kicked.  That night justifies why I still try to go out and play even though my time to do so is very limited.

This song is the classic Blind Faith (Steve Winwood/Eric Clapton) tune.  We’d been doing this for a few years when I heard a great version on a Ron Ickes (bluegrass dobroist) record w/ Joe Cravens on mandolin and Tim O’Brien on vocal.  God, the Joe Cravens mandolin on that recording boggles the mind.  The rhythmic emphasis I use I got from the Joe Cravens approach; the rest is just good old fashion rock/blues playing.

Video by Mark Sneegas


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