New YouTube Video: Everything But You: Bonham & Richter

Another video from the Redbud Tree House Concert.  This gem was written by Gordon Bonham and is on his new album, “Soon in the Morning” which is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and his website:  For you mandolinists interested in blues improvisation, I had never played this song w/ him before this evening.  You’ll notice in the first 12 bars, I didn’t have the backup riff that I slowly developed in the second set of 12 bars.  There’s one point you can see me hearing the open E against the low B and F (part of G7 chord).  This E creates a G7 13 chord, which I shamelessly exploit through the rest of the tune.  The solo was built around the G blues scale w/ mindfulness of the chords.  Go out and buy Gordon’s album! Warning, it’s all electric blues.

Video by Mark Sneegas


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