• In-Tuition Sampler (Blues Shot; 2013)
  • In-Tuition: Blues (Blues Shot; 2013)
  • In-Tuition: Mandopoly (Blues Shot; 2013)
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  • The Road to Home: A Tribute to Butch Baldassari (Various Artists; Sound Art Recordings; 2009)
  • James Yank Rachell:  A Tribute to Yank Rachell (Various Artists; Yanksville Records, 2008)
  • It’s Not Just a Dream (Various Artists; Brown Co. Musicians United to End Poverty; 2008)
  • Hootenanny! Gordon Bonham and Jim Richter (Richter Digital Arts; 2004)
  • Late (Pembroke Moreland; 2003)
  • Too Damn Cold (The Forecasters; Blues Shot; 1998)
  • Live from Bloomington 1998 (Indiana University School of Music; 1998)

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