In-Tuition Albums: “Blues” and “Mandopoly

In-Tuition was chosen as the title of these two new recordings for two reasons: 1) to encapture the intuitive approach I take to music, and 2) more importantly, to raise money for my doctoral work in Counseling Psychology.

I have been accepted into the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Indiana University-Bloomington. My research focus (unsurprisingly) is exploration of the psycho-therapeutic modalities and interventions most pertinent and beneficial to the creative community. Tied in with this is also creative resistance and ambivalence (the old “writer’s block” or self-disparaging “I suck” comments). I have been unsuccessful in finding doctoral funding and hope that the timely release of these albums pay for a year of doctoral work.

While most of these tunes were created with studio grade gear/conditions, some come from practice tapes, live performances, and songwriting sketches.  This recording will not knock down with flawless performances or audiophile sound.  It will, however, share a significant chunk of who I am with you, as music is truly my native language.

In-Tuition: Blues album cover

In-Tuition: Blues is blues-centric with shades of blues-based rock. Includes guest appearances by Grammy-winner Mike Compton, Tom Harold, Deke Hager, Gordon Bonham, Bruce Lockwood, JJ Perry, American singer-songwriter Will Scott, Pembroke Moreland, Scott Kellogg, Joe Donnelly, and Bennett Williams.

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In-Tuition: Blues selections

Elmore Meets Bill (feat. Mike Compton)
CC Rider (feat. Gordon Bonham)
I’m Tired (feat. the Forecasters)
Sorry Again (feat. Wicked Messenger)
Blues for Gary Primich
The Girl I Love Got Long Curly Hair (feat. Gordon Bonham)
Move over (feat. Wicked Messenger)
Stagg Party (feat. Brothers in Blues)
The 138 Rag
Jam at 415 (feat. Joe Donnelly, Scott Kellogg & Bennett Williams)
Big Haired Woman
Viper Mood (feat. Scott Kellog & Bennett Williams)
Looks Like Trouble (feat. Gordon Bonham)
No More Trying (feat. Wicked Messenger)
Move on (feat. Pembroke Moreland)
Chicken Shack Boogie (feat. Joe Donnelly, Scott Kellogg & Bennett Williams)
Coming Down (feat. Deke Hager & His Indonesian Fighting Cocks)
Third Stone from the Sun
How Long Blues (feat. Gordon Bonham)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (feat. Phil Richter)

In-Tuition: Mandopoly album cover

In-Tuition: Mandopoly is mandolin-centric, primarily showcasing my songwriting and unique mandolin style. Includes guest appearances from Will Kimble, Tom Harold, Phil Richter, and my 12-year old son Gus.

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In-Tuition: Mandopoly selections

El Gallo Supremo
You Ain’t Going Nowhere (feat. Phil Richter)
One for Butch Baldassari
Koontz Hill
Pleased as Punch
Violet City Waltz (feat. Will Kimble)
Working Class Hero [Explicit]
Flor De Huevos (Son Locos)
The New Kimble Waltz
Viper Mood (feat. Tom Harold)
Medley: Angeline the Baker/Over the Waterall
Pine Grove Furnace (feat. Will Kimble)
Meeting at Owensboro
Life Is a Long Song
Medley: First of October/Tater Crossing the Cumberland/Wheel Floss
Micaela (feat. Will Kimble)
Arcadian Mandolin (feat. Gus Richter)
Wearily Awaiting


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