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Over the course of two years, I have had 100,000 visits to this tablature page.  Because of this statistic, I have decided to begin a $5 per year subscription to this page.  This helps in maintaining a website that uses a lot of bandwidth, incentivizing the continued develop of lessons and transcriptions, and helps my ongoing funding issues with doctoral education.

Price: $5 USD per year:  A one year membership gives you unlimited access to the Tablature/Lessons page.  This entitles the subscriber to:

  • all available tabs
  • to updates of the tab section
  • the ability to request tabs (honored when possible)
  • other premium content as content arises
  • and the knowledge that you’re incentivizing my transcription efforts, ensuring more regular updates, continued financial support of the site, and sponsorship of my creative efforts.  $5 is far less expensive than Artistworks and other lesson based sites.

Please be aware that if you have an unconfirmed PayPal address, the tab login will be delayed as I have to approve the transaction.

Here are examples of tabs available through the subscription:

Jim Richter

Grant Street Rock


Back in Black:  this tune is in the DNA of a generation of hard rockers.


Dream On

Allman Brothers


Bon Jovi

Wanted Dead or Alive


Sunshine of Your Love

Grateful Dead

Slipknot/Help on the Way

Jethro Tull

Aqualung (to solo)

Jimi Hendrix

Foxey Lady

Hey Joe

Purple Haze

Spanish Castle Magic

The Wind Cries Mary

Voodoo Child

Led Zeppelin

The Rain Song

Over the Hills and Far Away Part 1

Ten Years Gone

Paul McCartney & Wings

Live and Let Die

Pink Floyd

Goodbye Blue Sky

Wish You Were Here

Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble

Pride & Joy (Intro)

Chris Thile (Nickel Creek)

Smoothie Song



Rich DelGRosso

Get Your Nose Outta My Bizness!: The playing of Rich DelGrosso

Johnny Young

Johnny Young style intro (key of G) based on No 12 is at the Station

Howlin’ Wolf/Hubert Sumlin

Killing Floor

Jim Richter

Grant Street Blues

Mandolin backup riffing inspired by blues fingerstyle guitar

10 Blues Turnarounds in E Major

Different shuffle patterns for the Key of A

“Over the IV” Lick”: Great blues lick to play over the IV chord (this example in E). Taken from guitar stylists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Ronnie Earl. Watch on YouTube.

Major pentatonic blues box pattern

Minor pentatonic blues box pattern

Minor pentatonic blues box pattern

Pentatonic Box Study

Sam Bush/David Grisman

Crusher and Hoss

Jethro Burns

Jitterbug Waltz

Peter Ostrushko

Oklahoma Redbird

Bill Monroe

Pilgrim’s Knob


Jim Richter & Will Kimble

Pine Grove Furnace

Kenny Baker/Norman Blake


Influenced by Mike Compton

East Tennessee Blues

The Fun’s All Over

Skaggs & Rice

The Soul of Man


Triads Technique





Pine Grove Furnace

El Gallo Supremo

New Kimble Waltz

Thank you so much for considering subscription to and sponsorship of this site and my work.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some free email providers (especially Hotmail) don’t play nicely with this registration software.  It is possible that you may not get the automatic account generation information.  If this happens, please send an email to and I will manually take care of it for you.


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