Richter Mandolin Book Audio & Video

The following are most of the audio and video files used in Richter Mandolin:  Post-Modern Blues, Rock, & Alt-Mandolin.  I have posted these as I am not able to embed a tune in my iPad book that will play beyond the page to which it is embedded.  This makes it harder to hear the tune in multiple page exercises.  These are also part of the PDF edition (coming soon) of the book.  The only tunes not included are those from my solo album that are embedded in the iPad edition of the book and are available for purchase through iTunes or Amazon.  Most of the following are in m4a format (can be played on any Mac or PC using iTunes and possibly Windows Media Player).  Those that are not m4a are designated as wav.

Chapter 3

Triad Exercises (wav)

Crosspicking Using Open Strings and Double Stops

Chapter 4

Rock Chords and Rhythm

Rock Rhythms

Hendrix-type Chords (wav)

7th Chord Fingerstyle Exercise

Basic Shuffles 

D Double Stop Shuffle

Blues Riffs for Back-Up

7th Chord Study

Chapter 5


Key of A Arpeggios and Double Stops

Doubles Stops

Note Chord Exercise

Hendrix-like Double Stop Riff (wav)

Mando Blues (Major) Pentatonic Fun

Mando Blues (Minor) Pentatonic Fun

3rd Edition Rockin’ Blues (wav)

Blues in Bb Part 1

Blues in Bb Part 2:  Tune in Minor Pentatonic

Blues in Bb Part 3:  Major Pentatonic

Blues in Bb Part 4:  Tune in Major Pentatonic

Blues in Bb Part 5:  Mixing the Pentatonics

Blues in Bb Part 6 Mixed Pentatonic Tune

Chapter 6

E Blues Turnarounds

D Blues Turnarounds

Blues Licks into the IV

Chapter 8

Boil Them Cabbage Down

Chapter 4

Chord Voicings

7th Chord Fingerstyle Guitar Influence

Chapter 5

Crosspicking Arkansas Traveler

Over the IV Lick


Basic Shuffles #1

Basic Shuffles #2



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