Mandolin Camp North 2022: An incomparable camp with incredible people

Mandolin Camp North, as has been previously, was an incredible experience.  I again had the good fortune to teach blues and rock mandolin, focusing on classes in double stop shuffles, pentatonic scales, arranging rock tunes, rock chording, and so on.  The camp, located in Carlton, Mass., has multiple instructors covering almost all mandolin styles, including bluegrass, old-time/string band, jazz, gypsy, Celtic, blues, and rock.  Instructors include yours truly, Mike Compton, Don Stiernberg, Maddie Witler, Joe K Walsh, Matt Flinner, Frank Solivan, Skip Gorman, Ben Pierce, and many more.  There are also multiple fiddle and guitar instructors, including Tony Watt, Lincoln Meyers, and Janie Rothfield.  One of the cool highlights was a blues/rock jam that Maddie Witler, Joe K Walsh, and I led.  Both of them are incredibly bluesy and was exciting to hear their take on old blues, country, and rock tunes.  Had the chance to hear a multitude of Jethro Burns stories from Don Stiernberg at breakfast at the Cracker Barrel.  Jethro was the first mandolinist, other than Dash Crofts, that I ever recall hearing in my home, so treasure it when Don talks Jethro.  And, got to hear some very exciting cuts from a forthcoming Frank Solivan album on the drive back to the airport that again proves why Frank has one of the best bluegrass bands out there.  As a fellow musician who really got the music bug seeing NGR back in the early 80’s, I can’t say enough good things about what Frank’s doing.  I also took along both my Kimble F-O and brand new 1 week old Austin Clark octave mandolin.  It was a looker both in terms of tone and appearance.

Looking forward to returning in 2023!


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