Help a brother through school: Purchase either Mandopoly or Blues today!

In my ongoing struggle (and I mean struggle) to put myself through a PhD program in counseling psychology, I again beseech mandolin lovers everywhere to consider the purchase of either or both of my recently released albums:  Mandopoly and Blues, both of the In-Tuition series of albums.  These albums represent many hours of songwriting, tune-crafting, genre-jumping, and sheer fun.  Covering nearly 20 years of my 30 years making music, these tunes–warts and all–cover various mandolin genres and approaches, as well as my joyful loudness as a blues and rock guitarist.

These are available through iTunes ($9.99 each, which comes with digital booklet) or Amazon ($8.99 each).  Hopefully, I will have a sampler of both albums available as a CD purchase.  Follow the links in the sidebars.

I appreciate the help.  With funding on the decrease and tuition on the rise, my “in-tuition” (get the joke, now?) has prompted me to use unique and entrepreneurial ways of raising tuition.



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