NOW RELEASED: Richter Mandolin: Postmodern Blues, Rock & Alt-Folk Mandolin

Richter Mandolin 3rd EditionNewly released for iPad and Macintosh is Richter Mandolin: Postmodern Blues, Rock & Alt-Folk Mandolin.

In Richter Mandolin: Postmodern Blues, Rock & Alt-Folk Mandolin, mandolinist Jim Richter shares insights and techniques that punctuate his style of blues, rock, and folk mandolin.  Key to this edition are three chapters that address stylistic development, motivation, and self-conceptualization as a mandolinist.  Almost 50 pages of tablature and 10 pages of diagrams in this 140 page volume cover concepts such as soloing, pentatonic scales, back-up, double-stops, and arpeggios.  This book would not be considered a method book; rather, it could be considered a tip book for rock and blues styling.  More about mandolinist Jim Richter can be found at his website:

What’s New In This Revamped Edition:

This 3rd Edition of Richter Mandolin represents an extreme rewrite of Edition 2.  The 3rd Edition is almost twice the length, has improved readability, more tabs, more lessons, color photographs, three chapters on musical motivation and stylistic development, an enlarged glossary, and increased interactivity.  Unlike Edition 2, this edition is not a free upgrade to previous owners.  Notes: This edition is now over 400MB in size. Please download via a WiFi connection. Also, an iMac or iPad 2 or newer advised for successful viewing.

To purchase:

Table of Contents for 3rd Edition (140 pages in length)

  • Preface
  • A Little About Jim Richter
  • Operator’s Manual
  • CHAPTER: Why Mandolin
  • What Do you Want?
  • CHAPTER: Warm-Up and Technique
  • Technique Practice:  Triads
  • Crosspicking Using Double Stops and Open Strings
  • CHAPTER: Back-Up
  • Back-up preface
  • Two-note Chords That Emphasize Bass & Rhythm
  • Rock Chord Exercise
  • Movable Chord Shapes in Rock and Blues
  • Rock Rhythms
  • Hendrix-type Chords
  • Crosspicking 7th Chord Walks–Guitar Style
  • Shuffles
  • Double Stop Shuffling
  • Blues Bass Lines
  • G7 Chord Study
  • CHAPTER: Soloing
  • Soloing preface
  • Closed Arpeggio Patterns
  • Double Stops
  • 2 note chord exercise
  • Crossingpicking Arkansas Traveler
  • Closed Major & Minor Pentatonic Patterns
  • “Over the Four”
  • Soloing example:  3rd Edition Rockin’ Blues
  • Blues Study in Bb
  • CHAPTER: Turnarounds & Destinations
  • Turnarounds & Destinations preface
  • Turnarounds in E and D
  • Moving from the I to the IV
  • CHAPTER:  Wrap-Up
  • Pulling it all together to build style
  • CHAPTER: Tunes
  • Pine Grove Furnace–written by Jim Richter
  • El Gallo Supremo–written by Jim Richter
  • The New Kimble Waltz–written by Jim Richter
  • Cleona–written by Jim Richter
  • Micaela–written by Jim Richter
  • Grant Street Blues–written by Jim Richter
  • Bile Them Cabbage Down–Arranged by Jim Richter
  • Recommended Artists & Tunes
  • Video
  • Social Networks
  • Mandolin identification
  • Kimble Mandolins
  • Discography
  • In-Tuition albums

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