Title Producer Year Notes Buy
In-Tuition: Sampler Blues Shot 2013 20 song sampler of the Blues and Mandopoly albums Website Storefront
In-Tuition:    Blues Blues Shot 2013 album of original guitar and mandolin oriented music and Rock covers Website Storefront
In-Tuition: Mandopoly Blues Shot 2013 album of original mandolin music and covers Website Storefront
The Road to Home:  A Tribute to Butch Baldassari (Various Artists) Sound Art Recordings 2009 original composition Pine Grove Furnace by Jim Richter; duet with Will Kimble Sound Art
James Yank Rachell: A Tribute to Yank Rachell (Various Artists) Yanksville Records 2008 cover of Brownsville Blues with Gordon Bonham Amazon
It’s Not Just a Dream        (Various Artists) Brown Co. Musicians United to End Poverty 2008 two original Gordon Bonham tunes:  Sleeping Beauty and I Got An Angel.  Jim Richter on mandolin Amazon
Hootenanny! (Gordon Bonham and Jim Richter) Richter Digital Arts 2004 DVD of live concert by Gordon Bonham and Jim Richter.  Jim Richter did all editing and DVD production Storefront
Late (Pembroke Moreland) Pembroke Moreland 2003 mandolin on one cut on album by singer-songwriter Pembroke Moreland PembrokeMoreland.com
Too Damn Cold (The Forecasters) Blues Shot 1998 electric blues band with JJ Perry (drums) and (now) singer-songwriter of fine Americana music Will Scott iTunes
Live from Bloomington 1998 Indiana Univ. 1998 Engineer on one cut out-of-print
Radio Interview:  WFIU 7/24/2012 Indiana Univ. 2012 1/2 hour radio interview discussing Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us (free download or stream) WFIU

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