About Jim

1968:  Born May 20th, Lawrenceburg Indiana

1973:  First song I learned to sing:  You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (Jim Croce)

1974:  First instrument owned:  Harmony Uke

1983:  Started learning classical guitar through Frederick Noad PBS guitar series

1984:  Started learning 5 string banjo

1985:  Corn detasseled for a summer to buy my first good banjo, a Japanese made Alvarez Silver Belle

1985:  Started learning mandolin (though did not take seriously for another 15 years)

1986:  Began Freshman Year at Indiana University

1988:  First bluegrass band, Under the Wire (banjo and mandolin)

1990:  First rock band, Rebel Yell (electric guitar)

1991:  Graduated IU (BA)

1991-2:  Blues-rock trio Recycler w/ brother Phil (electric guitar)

1996-7:  Blues band in Bloomington Indiana, The Vipers, w/ friends Tom Harold, Scott Kellogg, and Tadas Paegle

1997:  Started the Audio Engineering program at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

1998-99:  Blues band in Bloomington, The Forecasters, with friends JJ Perry and Will Scott.

1998:  First recording project, The Forecasters’ TOO DAMN COLD (electric guitar, bass, mixing engineer)

1998:  First recording project as engineer, Live from Bloomington (Piney Woods’ cut)

1999:  Moved to Austin Texas

1999:  Returned to playing banjo

2002:  Moved to Indianapolis Indiana

2002:  Returned to playing mandolin, this time taking seriously as primary instrument.

2002:  Started the Gordon Bonham/Jim Richter acoustic blues duo w/ Gordon

2003:  Videotaped/edited/produced Bonham/Richter HOOTENANNY! DVD

2003:  Contributed mandolin work and graphic design to friend Pembroke Moreland’s album LATE

2004:  Moved back to Bloomington, Indiana

2004:  Graduated with an AS in Audio Engineering from the IU Jacobs School of Music

2005:  Began promoting mandolin-oriented concerts in Bloomington, Indiana. In 2005 promoted concerts for Compton & Long, Compton & Grier, and Chris Sharp & David Long

2005:  Created and 1st webmaster for

2005:  Began ongoing personal and business relationship with luthier Will Kimble

2005:  Additionally webmastered for banjoist Butch Robins and guitarist David Grier

2006:  Created website for Latino Studies Program, Indiana University

2008:  January 2008, Will Kimble finished my Kimble A5 #138

2008:  Created website for Latin-American History Dept,, Indiana University

2008:  Contributed “Brownsville Blues” cut w/ Gordon Bonham to acclaimed Yank Rachell Tribute CD

2009:  With friend Will Kimble, contributed original tune “Pine Grove Furnace” to Butch Baldassari Tribute CD, THE ROAD HOME

2010:  Started graduate Masters program in Counseling through IU School of Education-Bloomington

2011:  In July, held 1st Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us

2012:  In spring released Richter Mandolin ebook on iTunes

2012:  In July, held 2nd Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us w/ special guest instructor Don Julin

2013:  3rd Richter Mandolin Camp with Don Julin

2013:  Graduated w/ Masters in Counseling/Began PhD in Counseling Psychology

2014:  Presented at national conference of counseling psychology and Great Lakes Conference

2014: 4th Richter Mandolin Camp with Don Julin

2014: Published article on malingering in peer-reviewed Journal of Mental Health Counseling

2015: Presented at Great Lakes Conference

2015: 5th Richter Mandolin Camp with Will Patton

2017: Coauthor of article on Latino prescription pain reliever misuse in peer-reviewed Journal of Addictive Behavior

2018: Instructor at Mandolin Camp North near Boston, Mass.

2019:  6th Richter Mandolin Camp with Don Julin

2020:  7th Richter Mandolin Camp with Don Julin

2021:  8th Richter Mandolin Camp with Don Julin


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