Kimble Mandolins

Since 2004, I have almost exclusively played Kimble Mandolins.  Will Kimble, besides being one of the nicest guys one could hang with, is a genius with wood and wire.  Will would say this isn’t so, but I will differ.  He crafts a mandolin that is distinctive in look, feel, and sound.  His mandolins are not like the myriads of small builder mandolins on the market.  Whether it’s an A, 2-point (J), F, mandola, octave, or other mandolin family instrument, Will produces something that is both art and tool.  His mandolins have defined my sound.  I can easily play a blues, dive off into a percussive rock tune, and then back off into a Norman Blake vibe.

I’m not a paid endorser for Will.  I’m a friend and a fan who wants to make it clear that I’m proud to know the man and play his instruments.

Currently I play a 2008 A5, a 2008 A mandola, and a 2018 2 point Model J.  Below are photos and videos of those, as well as the various Kimbles I’ve played and owned since 2004.





























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